Huat HuatHuat Huat Wings

At Huat HuatHuat Huat, we take pride in our wings and serve only the best. Over the decades, we have sampled wings imported from countries all over the world, searching for the perfect wings to use as our key ingredient. Today, our wings come from Brazil and Holland, which offers the best consistency in size as well as tenderness.

Before our wings go over the hot burning charcoal, they are meticulously prepared for over 10 hours. Using only top quality ingredients for our traditional Huat HuatHuat Huat recipe is what makes its unique flavour a true testament of tradition meets quality.

Don't forget the Huat HuatHuat Huat chilli sauce as well. Specially created to go with Huat HuatHuat Huat BBQ chicken wings, BBQ chicken wings will never be the same without it!

Huat HuatHuat Huat BBQ

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Huat HuatHuat Huat Local Delights

In addition to our BBQ products, we also offer a variety of local delights. Do check out the menus on our Stalls page as items available vary at different stalls!